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Kastel typifies an aesthetic approach to the creation process. Each phase is directly managed with the highest degree of attention and dedication of resources. By working with us, clients experience uncompromising expertise and artistry.


The custom nature of our manufacturing capabilities and resources affords us the opportunity to develop our own finishes, door styles, varied designs and details, in-house, by Kastel.

As soon as the cabinetry order is placed with the manufacturer, all components are thoroughly reviewed and ordered accurately. All orders are screened carefully and we take great care to ensure quality control before and after fabrication.


Enduring experience specializing in high-end kitchen and bathroom apartment renovations shines through. Project managers continually strive for perfection and satisfaction by coordinating meticulous installations with timely schedules, and dedicating themselves to an orderly process by maintaining a clean, livable, and safe work sight.


Woodworking specialists and our manufacturing partners are highly regarded artisans known for premium finishes and precision assembly that approach their practice with a steadfast adherence to design criteria resulting in producing the finest furniture made today.